On the Bone

Yarn on the bone - it's a motif that's been haunting me of late.

Perhaps because I was naughty and snapped a picture of Olek's Body and Movement while in Chicago?
And just look what turned up in the post a few weeks back:
Actual sheep bones wrapped in handspun wool - a vivid reminder that REAL wool comes from REAL sheep - a Memento Ovii, as it were. These specimens are from Prick Your Finger in Bethnal Green, and they happily came to my hand via the remarkable Felix. Thank you Felix!

As for the chap lurking behind the sheepy bits, well, that's my friend The Clerkenwell Kid. He's sent me lots of lovely things in the post too, but no bones (yet.)

And if you'd like to see The Kid get himself in (and out of) trouble, right this way, please:


clerkenwell kid said...

Got to love that woolington!

Spilly Jane said...

Oh yes - you can see why I couldn't resist taking his picture!

And he is actually an acrylicington - I myself would've preferred to see him in wool. But his bones are plastic, so why not his covering as well?