bleah, bleah!

due to popular demand i come bearing pictures ("finally," i hear some of you sigh) of the Shetland Triangle. these are not the best pictures (actually this first picture is terrible,) and this is mainly due to my overly excitable and springy circs. still, they give you a general idea of the shawl as it looks right now.

is it a wraith? is it a vampire? is it an uruly shawl that doesn't want to even pretend that it's currently photogenic? well, it's one of the three--you decide. all i know is that i've been neglecting the thing for the past little while (you've heard the excuses before, i know.) excuses or not, i still love this shawl. it's been a long time since i've embarked on a "major" prokject that i've (nearly) seen through to the end that wasn't a pair of mittens or socks. this is also the largest, laciest thing i've ever made, unless you count the relatively undocumented (gotta do something about that) Dainty Bess scarf.

here's a detail of the lace. i told you that it's curling up like a bowl of ramen noodles! to make matters worse, every time i try to stretch it out to better see the pattern it threatens to slip off the needles. at this point i don't even want to joke about that.

finally, as a sort of apology--to whom i'm still not sure, exactly--here's a peek at what i've been up to since yesterday:

it's the Fickle Fingers scarf of last day's post's fame. it's a lot of fun to knit and the Noro ensures that i almost nver get bored...almost.

back at it, then, i have a shawl to finish!


Adriana said...

Janey! Your red shawl looks just like my red shawl! Freaky! (Red Misti Alpaca gradually becoming Swallowtail. Pictures one day).

Correct me if I'm wrong (and I easily could be) but it looks like your pictures are of the purl side of shawl.
Either way, it's looking great and I can't wait to see the blocked result.

spillyjane said...

thanks Dee! yours looks like this too?

while it looks bumpy, this is actually the right side of the shawl (i just checked the shawl itself to confirm.)

i can't bring myself to finish this thing! somehow enough of my handspun has surfaced from the depths of the stash to make the second spindle sock (i had nothing to do with it i swear,) and then the urge to knit fulled bowls struck and suddenly i'm fishing out the US 8 dpns. despite all this i must finish the shawl!

Adriana said...

This is message to you from the shawl: "FINISH ME! I'm so close to being done! Finish me so you can wear me!"

Heather G. said...

Ahh! Pictures of the ramen shawl were worth the wait!

spillyjane said...

heather: thanks, glad you like it! i can only imagine what it will look like blocked.

Adriana said...

It is going to look like a million bucks when it's blocked. You're not going to believe that you were able to knit something so beautiful.