ok, i made that one up.

a few posts back while discussing the Shetland Triangle and how close i was to finishing it i mentioned a three needle bind off. i had thought, for some reason, that the pattern called specifically for this. i promptly braced myself to learn the technique.

this clearly shows how little i had though about this bind off in relation to the garment currently being produced. three needle bind offs are for joining two pieces of fabric together--don't ask why my brain never made the connection between this and the shawl. what i wanted (and found) was a nice Russian/Icelandic bind off that will give me a lovely stretchy edge perfect for blocking into points. now i'm a mere four rows away from a completed, as-yet-unblocked Shetland Triangle.

i gotta run--the Thai curry's on the table. for now, have a picture of the first of my two spindle socks:

i spun all the yarns used in this sock and i dyed the pinky-orangey bits (pre-spinning) myself. at present i'm about 2-3" along on the mate, which is shaping up to be a fine example of a fraternal twin.

also, to my surprise it seems like i'm going to end up with lots of handspun left over from this pair. i'm sure that will find a home in a future sock (or socks.)


Heather G. said...

That sock looks good enough to eat!

spillyjane said...

thanks! socks like this are a handy way to use up all those handspun snagglins.

Adriana said...

Yay for the spindle sock!!

Can you tell me the details of the Russian/Icelandic bind-off? I'm almost done the second last chart of Swallowtail! (I was confused as to why you needed a three needle bind-off but I assumed it was for the Noro scarf.)

Bertha said...

That spindle sock is GORGEOUS! I am always in awe at your ability to put colors together so nicely!

spillyjane said...

thanks Bertha! all i did for the sock was use all the bits of practice yarn that i had spun, and yet they do work together.

you're in my thoughts, and i'll be continuing to think happy baby thoughts for you and the bebe over the next little while! remember the 30th (my birthday) is a great day to be born. :)