Home is where I want to be.

here's the first Naive Sock:

this means that it's time to start the second one. i am not at all keen on starting the second one (three crash-course cabled socks in a row will do that to you,) but i am going to force myself to cast on and at the very least get past the ribbing and grow some cables out of some other cables before i forget how i did it. i have notes--very, very detailed notes--but this might not be a bad idea.

it turns out that cabled socky things have a polar opposite, which would be lacy mohair things. the more observant of my readers will say "good, go work on Birch, as it's been sitting in the bin, untouched and unloved for a couple of months already," and they will have a very sensible, valid point. no one, however, has ever accused me of being very sensible--sitting down with my copy of Wrap Style last night brought both Enchanté and Guinevere to my attention. look out!


Heather G. said...

Dood, I am sweltering with a fan blowing directly at me, and you are going to tackle mohair? I thought you lived in the Canadian Tropics?

Adriana said...

Yummy yummy sock!! You almost make me want to do a heel flap.