More mitten.

the Sea Mineral mitten continues to grow:

it's practically knitting itself now that i don't have to untangle yarns after every round! i hope to make it up to the finger decreases today.

at the last second i chose a wave motif over a starry one for the palm. there's no mistaking the oceanic feel now. besides, this leaves me open for a par of celestial-themed mittens...lots of little starry patterns on a deep field of navy...oh, this is dangerous. i have too many things on the go already!


Heather G. said...

I love the waves! Very oceanic indeed.

The celestial mitten could even have specific constellations!

Adriana said...

Stealth blogger! You didn't even tell me you'd posted ;)

The mitten is looking amazing. I adore the waves on the palm. This might be the pattern which tempts me to fancy mittens.

I also like the idea of celestial mittens with constellations. You might be onto something here :)