Hungry for colour.

while driving out int he county yesterday i couldn't help but stare at the wildflowers at the sides of the road--deep brown finished thistles, white Queen Anne's Lace, golden yellow flowers whose name escapes me at the moment and grasses parched to a light beige were everywhere i looked.

once at home i threw this together:

all KnitPicks Palette, of course.

and then i got to thinking.

a quick stash-diving excursion produced this:

i love it when this happens! the observant might note that the beige in the upper palette is actually Palette in Twig, while the beige seen here is Palette in Tan. i was ready to settle until (to my delight) further diving yielded a ball of Twig! so now i have my current dream-palette, sans the purple that i surreptitiously included (i had spotted an errant still-blooming thistle in one wildflower patch.) i can live without the purple (for now.)

so it seems that i have another Latvian-style mitten-in-training on my hands. my brain is already ticking...stay tuned to see what transpires.


Heather G. said...

Some people dream in colour, only YOU dream in mittens!

Adriana said...

Looking good! I can't wait to see what you dream up.

crafty_kat said...

Hey, you could always dye yourself some purple yarn, if you've got more light colored yarn lying around ^_~. Why yes, I am evil ^_~