Monkey 2.0

my current obsession with colourwork has made textured knitting new and exciting once more. while my addiction to colour and motif is by no means on the wane (the second Sea Mineral mitten is progressing nicely,) there's a special place in my heart for nice, textured socks.

i didn't want to get too distracted from my colourwork plan of attack (wait til you see what else is headed down the pipeline!) i cast on for my second pair of Monkeys. at first i didn't know if i was even going to be able to write about these socks without finding suitable song lyrics about monkeys (recall what happened last time?) but i'm proud to say i'm doing fine. besides, the only songs that came to mind were Monkey Man, Shock The Monkey and Monkey Gone To Heaven, none of which are applicable at present. i am at a loss, but i have a nice pair of socks in my future:

that's Fleece Artist Sea Wool in Hercules slowly being coaxed into what i call the Kuzunoha Monkeys (i'm still addicted to that palette!) who knew knitting with seaweed could be so lovely?


Adriana said...

Sorry Jane, these will always be Sea Monkeys to me :)
They look lovely. Can't wait for our Fishy KAL to start!

Heather G. said...

Ack! Sea monkeys??

Whatever they are called, they are GORgeous!

nicole said...

Did you do different increases? I don't see any YO holes, and they look kind of "flat", if that makes sense.. I don't like the monkey pattern much because it usually looks so bumpy, but I like the way your pair came out, I just wonder why.