why can't you do it? / why can't you set your monkey free?
always giving into it / do you love your monkey or do you love me?
why can't you do it? / why do I have to share my baby with a monkey?
with a monkey / eieee eieee ei la la!

it's all fun and games 'til someone starts quoting George Michael circa 1988.

as one may have guessed (and really, how could one not have guessed,) i've started work on Monkey. what you really have to check out is the yarn:

that's ONline Supersocke in crazy-go-nuts colourway 669. i was half-concerned at first that the colours were tangling with the pattern but it's not looking too bad.


Adriana said...

It looks super-fantastic!! That clinches it. I will definitely be using one of my hand-dyed yarns to make Monkeys with the modifications.

Heather G. said...

Monkey monkey monkey!

Sam is cooking along on a Fleece Artist Monkey currently. I wish I had brought more sock yarn with me.