Queen of Cups, FO.

Yarn: KnitPicks Essential Tweed in Inca Gold
Needles: Clover Takumi Bamboo dpns, US 2
Pattern: Queen of Cups by Nathania Apple
Started: 10 March 2007
Finished: 6 May 2007

Notes: this is my first completed pair of intricatley textured socks. i usually use sock knitting as a good "downtime" activity and often i just end up knititng more of my Plain Vanilla socks (i've work the odd colourwork pattern to stave off the boredom, but that was about it.) these socks gave me a chance to play with texture and showed me that complex socks can be just as relaxing. this could bode very well for the long-forgotten and still-mateless Child's First Sock in Shell Pattern that's been hanging around here since last fall.

Fun Fact: if the socks in the picture aren't looking as lint-ridden as other finished objects knit with Essential Tweed out there, there's a good reason for that. one might recall that i carefully groomed the more offensive tweedy bits out of the yarn before, during and after knitting. the resulting yarn is much more subtle and (in my opinion,) makes for a nicer pair of socks that don't make it look like one had a serious run-in with a lint trap.


Adriana said...

Pretty pretty pretty!!! Now I want to make some!
Those are some seriously stunning socks.

spillyjane said...

thanks, lady! the socks go very quickly, and you won't be disappointed.

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