All over the road!

just when i (un)officially decided to lay off the socks for a while (i even went so far as to acquire this book to dissuade me,) the next thing i know i've acquired yarn to make THESE.

thank you, economical knitpicks Telemark, for having the SAME GAUGE as the Dale of Norway yarn called for in the pattern!

Thank you also for having such tempting colourways:

clockwise from the top left, these are Rosemary, Northern Green, Tangelo and Poppy.
Northern Green will be the main colour of the sock with Rosemary as the contrast. Tangelo and Poppy will be the two accent colours. i can't wait to get my hands on these colours!

also in the works are the Mega Mittens. these are still bouncing around in my brain and will most likely materialise in some form very soon. the good news is that i already have everything i'll need!

as for actually knit objects, i just grafted the toe on the first Monkey today, before i was taken out to ogle Arctic Terns (which are currently one of my new favourite birds.)

now the question is, cast on for Moneky no. 2 or start tangling with a new colourwork sock and/or mitten?

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Adriana said...

Monkey #2!! Avoid SSS!!!