apparently not touching hand to needles for the better part of last week is enough to make second socks fancy and exciting. i should keep this in mind for future reference--second socks often need all the help they can get.

since there are still-warm chocolate chip cookies in my imminent future, i'll make this quick.

this is Snagglin' sock no. 2. these short row heels are never going to get old...and look how much better it looks than the one is the previous post!

the second Queen of Cups sock grew considerably today; the last time it was documented (and touched) it was barely more than a wide cuff. here it is now:

after all these short row heels the heel flap was considerably less painful than i thought it would be. i'm currently mired in the middle of the gusset decreases but those should go quickly. the goal is to have this critter polished off sometime this weekend (let's see if it actually happens.)


Adriana said...

The socks are looking good! I never ever get tired on short row heels.

What's in the works when these projects are done?

Heather G. said...

I love those snagglin' socks. They make me think about the vase of koigu bits on my dresser.

spillyjane said...

adriana: oh, there are lots of things waiting in the wings...and i just remembered that i have sea wool to do something with. how could i forget??

heather: keep thinking on those koigu bits of yours. it didn't even take me a whole ball of standard superwash to make this entire pair, and it took even less of the koigu. i probably have enough left to make a whole new pair of snagglin' socks. i say go for it, if you have the time in between sweaters.