The Campus Scarf is Done, boys, and it's so lonely on a limb.

I can hardly believe it, but after languishing for over one year the Campus Scarf is done! The ends have even been woven in! I'm over-using exclamation points!

I ended up doing six full repeats instead of the pattern's recommeded seven, but the scarf is longer than its recipient is tall, so I figured the extra foot and a half won't be terribly missed. I think I might be even more excited about the scarf than its recipient is. I'm not surprised.

In other news, I am pleased to report that I will be finishing the thumb on Snowball Fight with Robert Smith mitten no. 2 this afternoon. One Xmas knitting project down...who knows how many more to go.

Also, I've started desgining again, and there is a new sock and a new mitten in the works, so watch out for those coming soon.


Adriana said...

I cannot believe you finally finished it!! I remember this time last summer when you swore that it was almost done. Good for you for weaving in all those ends and not trying to invent some sort of sideways fringe :)

Anonymous said...

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