Thank yous, etc.

First off, a couple of thank yous are in order! Thanks so much to both Bertha and Jennifer for choosing me (randomly, of course,) as the winning commenter on both of their respective blogs. Both of you ladies spoiled me handsomely!Coming home to a gorgeous vintage Scandinavian mitten patterns (from Jennifer) and Koigu KPPPM (from Bertha)? I could get used to this! Now I don't know if I want to make mittens or socks! Thanks again!

Hey, I about I finish that sweater? Here's my Central Park Hoodie (my first sweater, if you recall,) flopped on its belly on the floor. All it needs are a couple of button bands, crocheted button loops and (of course,) buttons (I suppose a trip to Haberman Fabrics is in order!) Oh, yeah, and then I have to finish sewing the thing up. Luckily, this isn't turning out to be as terrifying as I initally thought. Who knew that sweater-finishing could be fun?

Oh, and here's a peek at a new Something in the works. Sure, there's not much to see now, but give me a day or two and there will be more. I'm in the process of showing my new bistro table what it's going to be up against in days to come. It's doing a wonderful job of supporting yarn, patterns and knitting. I should also mention that it is unparalleled at holding up cups of tea and pastis. It's practically impractical for everything else, which is exactly what I look for in a bistro table.

I'm off to work on the Something! Pictures soon!


Adriana said...

That table is fantastic! I can't wait to see it in your fancy new home!!

Bertha said...

Oh yay! I am glad it got there safely! Can't wait to see the new design (man, you are prolific!)