Thanks again, and Socks

I'd like to thank those of you who have picked up the Owlsocks (Ravelry link) pattern. I mean, I knew you all liked owls, but I had no idea how much! It really is flattering, to say the least. And hey, if any of you would like to see the Owlsocks as Owlmittens...well, let's just say there's a good chance that I would be up to the task. You know how I get about mittens!

Back to the socks! I don't want to say that the Owlsocks have burnt me out -- by no means, actually, since I have three new sock patterns in the works -- but these days I find I'm having a hard time committing to one project. Even worse than this? I have no idea what project(s) I feel like committing to.

What I should be working on is my Central Park Hoodie. So what's distracting me from sweater-finishing and new-pattern test-knitting? It's a plain old toe-up sock!

Now, I'm not a fan of pictures of toe-up socks early on (read: pre-heel turning,) since they always end up looking like over-sized wooly condoms. Here's the sock so far, hopefully not looking too wooly condom-like yet:See? It's not winning any most-attractive-WIP awards anytime soon, but the yarn is gorgeous! It's Crown Mountain Farms Sock Hop and I don't want to waste one inch of the stuff, so toe-up I go. The colourway is Magic Carpet Ride, and it was generously traded to me by Bertha (thanks again, lady!)

So here's hoping that after a plain pair of Sock Hop socks I'll be back on track with this whole commitment thing, and I'll finally be able to polish off that sweater before the 30 degree weather hits. As for the new sock patterns, you'll be notified as soon as there are any new developments. If you're really anxious, you can always join the new spillyjane fans group on Ravelry!


Adriana said...

Hey! You're doing a toe-up sock! Way to go :D
If you need to weigh your yarn get the little scale from Lee Valley. It rocks.

Heather G. said...

That is some luuuuurvely yarn!

Bertha said...

OK, kinda wish I hadn't seen how beautifully that sock hop is knitting up! (heh, kidding...) Love it!

Ann said...

I love the colors too. Knitting toe-up is great & that's how I knit all socks.