Blue hippo love

I love Egyptian blue faience hippos. Some of you are already aware of this.There were blue hippo mittens last year and now there are blue hippo socks in the works. Just give me a chance to tie up a couple more loose ends, first.

In other news, my latest sock pattern, Socks For Declan, will be released this evening.

And just because I haven't done this in a while...

Just finished: Glen Duncan's A Day and a Night and a Day

Currently consuming: Nicolas Jaar's Space is Only Noise

Dead person that I'm enamoured with: Nathan Hale

Stapler that I can not live without: right over here


Kris said...

I can't believe no one commented on the theme "tune" of your original mittens post!

Are you by chance a Smiths fan?

spillyjane said...

Kris -- Yes, I am. The better part of my teenage years revovled around their music and words. I've had the chance to see Morrissey twice. Though since he called for a boycott on Canada and made those remarks likening Canadians to Nazis I've been boycotting him.

Dorothea said...

I read your post about William, the blue hippo at the MET and recently discovered that he has another brother (or maybe sister) at the Viennese "Kunsthistorisches Museum". The people there were perhaps wondering why I started laughing the moment I saw the hippo. ;-) Greetings from Vienna

GinkgoKnits said...

I really enjoy using my William stapler despite the fact that he takes smaller sized staples than any other stapler I own. I have a crocodile staple remover that lives with him so it's a perfect pair. It's easy to understand why those ancient hippos are so beloved.