Nearly; Noisy

Look what is in serious danger of getting finished:It's the first part of my collaboration with avant electronic Chinese duo FM3 -- a pair of socks for bandmember Zhang, with Buddha Machines on.

I hear some of you asking "What's this Buddha Machine thing, then?" The quick answer is that it's the most lo-fi mp3 player in the world and it is gorgeous in its simplicity and infinity. A better answer is that it's a wee soundbox that plays loops until you turn it off (or the batteries die.) There's a speaker and a couple of switches that allow you to turn it on, cycle through the loops and mess with the volume and pitch. If you'd like to learn more about FM3 and their wonderful device, right this way, please.

Of course, the real magic happens when you get more than one Buddha Machine in the same place at the same time, and it increases exponentially from there. Me? I have five.
Infinite loops combining in infinite ways to create any number of spontaneously constructed soundscapes -- each one unique, each one never to be repeated exactly again. It reminds me of nothing so much as when I lived in London, ON and went to see the Nihilist Spasm Band play every Monday night, but without the necessity of earplugs.
Not that I often (if the truth be known, ever,) remembered to bring mine -- I was too busy ensuring I was properly stocked with origami paper. The better to feel the music, my dears.

After all -- one has priorites.


Erin said...

Thought your yarn ball was a pom pom on the edge of the sock.. puzzled me for a second! It looks lovely. :)

Cambria said...

lol, me too Erin. But I love the colorwork enough to let a pom pom go ;)

rams said...

I'm running behind ... why Nathan Hale? Have you seen his statue in Chicago? (Wait -- you/Chicago ... of course you have ...)

Sarah said...

I love, love, love my Buddha machines- and this project!

Ledra said...

Wonderful socks! The pattern is striking.