The thick of it

I stuck my head outside the door this morning to check on Daisy + the Tea Tin Team and I was shocked by how humid it was out there.Just standing there on the porch, taking in the spectacle of my cottage garden was trying - I felt like I should have been treading water.So today is a day for staying in and working inside. My dislike of the artificiality of air conditioning is tempered by the fact that I despise humidity even more; I am thankful that my Manor's former residents took the time to install a powerful and efficient unit. It's reaching Savannah-like levels of hot and humid out there - though minus the hauntingly lovely Spanish Moss.

At present I am up in my Studio, attempting to wrangle this mass of yarn and the creative process into some semblance of order (which is not as easy as it sounds, as I am vastly outnumbered.) I shall continue to enjoy the woozy swoon of Summer from in here until this heatwave passes. In fact, I've been promised a proper thunderstorm today, so that might do the trick - or make things worse. I'll just have to wait and see.

Until then, I'll be thinking cooler, greener thoughts - and working.


NJ said...

I was truly shocked by the level of mugginess early this morning. Yesterday I went to Toronto for a visit with my daughter and although it was hot it wasn't near as humid as it is today. It always amazes me how one quickly the weather changes here in Canada.

WildflowerWool said...

Still hot and muggy here near London. No rain yet. I keep hoping. I am keeping myself near a fan and knitting away.

Candice said...

We had a huge storm last night in the Georgetown area with power outages and the like. Fortunately, no major damage to the trees, just a few branches down. Today was hot and sticky, so that lovely invention, AC, went on when we could no longer stand it. This weather is hard on the fur children.