Al fresco

Today is Canada Day - and a gorgeously torrid one at that.We hastened outside to take it all in......which is how the morning found me enjoying its bounty al fresco. I am always happiest when in the presence of white pines - this one was kind enough to shade me while I worked.I am making remarkable progress on the current pair of socks for Tom, which are a couple of glorious, random, fraternally-twinned beauties. I laid them in the grass to soak up as much good Canadian energy as possible. They're going to need it - they'll be off to live in France before too long.

Sock number one, nearly complete...
...and sock number two, just begun - basking next to my beloved citrine, sodalite and moss agate. We are I am with these socks. It's going to be difficult to part with these ones - but they will be loved, so maybe it won't be that hard after all. Oh yes, and there will be a pattern on the way, should you like to make your own.

I leave you with a fine slice of summery sound by a fellow Canadian - Caribou.

Happy Canada Day - go hug a goose or a beaver, but watch out - those things bite.


Voie de Vie said...

Happy Canada Day! Don't know if I want to hug a beaver ... but I'd love to see one building a dam. :)

Maryse said...

Happy Canada from Quebec ;-)