The Doubtless Guest

When my gorgeous gerbera asked for water this morning I noticed that her stem had become irreparably bent. I did what was only natural - I invited her in to live with me.I had originally wanted to set her up in my Studio, but it is so steamy up there these days I fear she would positively wilt at the prospect. She's now resting quite comfortably on the buffet (a stylish Danish Minimalist affair,) lounging in an elegant jar that once held capers.

Here at Pittsworth, caper jars (along with borage and fine pieces of twine,) are sacrosanct. Never underestimate the beauty - and duty - that a fine decorative - or plain - little jar can afford in a pinch. Just look at today, for example. My unexpected houseguest has a new unexpected home. Welcome, Daisy!


Knittripps said...

I love having fresh flowers in my house. I especially enjoy flowers from my own garden. Lovely gerber!

Little Ol' Liz said...

Prop Miss Daisy with a sturdy drinking straw. Florists have lovely stem colored ones that you drop the stem into, but perhaps you can find something suitable to match Her lovely color.

rams said...

What LOL says -- gerberas have notoriously weak necks, and florists cheat like mad to conceal this. Well done, little green jar.