Dear Stupid Neighbour

Dear S.N.,

Thanks so much for picking up that broken decorative clay pot that was sitting out behind your back fence - it's not like I hadn't composed an ENTIRE BLOG POST in my mind about adolescence + genre fiction + my experience of both as I weeded my William Blake garden - but I needed a picture of that pot to make it all make sense. In the five minutes it took me to pop inside and grab my camera you had pulled up with a trailer and hauled off the offending pot (which was actually quite pretty in its ruined state.) You have impeccable timing, S.N. - simply ace. It's just as well - I probably would've upset people with my views on genre fiction anyway.

I remain your neighbour,


ps--> I leave you with a picture of the first onion from my back garden.pps--> I shall not be discussing my views on genre fiction, which are probably not as controversial as I think they are - I quite like the stuff, actually. ~j


The A.D.D. Knitter said...

Man alive your neighborhood hijinx are 24/7!!

spillyjane said...

Can't, won't, don't stop! :)

Susie said...

I'm fascinated to know your views on genre fiction, please tell. I can cope with controversy ;-). (I mean, don't do the acrylic vs wool debate, that would be going it a bit).