Hot stuff

The past couple of days have been almost ridiculously hot and humid - even for SW Ontario - and though I'd be at my happiest outside my Manor I've been spending the better part of my days on the inside. While I do love being out in the sun I am no fan of the extreme heat.Fortunately (unfortunately?) for me, my roses do fancy a spot of the warm stuff. Inevitably they manage to draw me out of my air-conditioned cocoon long enough to revel in their beauty, take note of exactly just how ridiculously hot it is outside, make a few pictures and then pop back in before I start to wilt.

Unsurprisingly there's been lots of action in the rose bed these days. Just have a look.

Evening Star's first long, slender bud opened the other day to reveal this beauty:
Parade has been blooming her little hot pink heart out. She is, of course, at her prettiest when her buds are first starting to open, but her blown blooms aren't too bad either:
Honey - perhaps my favourite plant impulse-buy of the season - has been giving us quite a show with her apricot blossoms that fade to bright pink:
And - today's crowning glory, by far - Golden Celebration. Her first flower is nearly all the way open and I am over the moon about it.
As for me, I'm trying the make the best of this entire self-imposed "stuck inside" situation by diving headlong into my own work. Lots of loose ends are in serious danger of getting tied up. Today's Loose End is the long-awaited Bacon Mittens. They will be out before this week is, I promise. You will be notified.


Anonymous said...

Your roses are so lovely! We're renters, but finally in a place with a tiny garden plot. It's late in the season here for new planting, but next year all bets are off.

Beverly said...

Gorgeous roses!

Candice said...

We stay inside all winter because it is too cold, longing for summer. Then when the summer arrives we can't go out because of the oppressive heat and humidity. Ya gotta love southern Ontario. How has your garden survived the rain and wind storms of late?

Marie said...

Lovely roses! The peach one is my favorite. Here in the Great Northwest we're dreaming of a bit of sunshine and heat. If you would shuffle a bit of it this way, we'd be so grateful!

Cakewalk Yarns said...

Wow! I am impressed - they are beauatiful. I'm in Detroit & barely have buds on my roses yet.

I love the color of the Honey rose. I add one new rose to the garden every year - I am going to have to put that on my list for next year. This year's rose is Peace.

Eleni said...

Wow, your roses really are beautiful! That last one looks like the conductor of all the singing flowers in Disney's Alice in Wonderland, if you recall!