Happy Summer

A proper sun-baked SW Ontario weekend - I met a baby barn owl, a beautiful barn cat and spent some quality time with our resident Great Lake - Erie.
I finally mananged to make a picture of the Scary Vase that Lives in the window of the antique shop on the corner:He gives me the creeps...and every time I walk by he's in a different spot. But after two years, we've acheived a certain rapport.

Later I enjoyed supreme commensality and perogies under tent lights. Oh, and paczki, too.
In the back garden, Heritage - possibly the heart-meltingest of my English Roses - puckers up for a kiss.
All of which signifies the advent of Summer. Welcome.I leave you with the perfect musical accompanient for days like these, which also happens to be by a fellow Southern Ontarian - Dan Snaith, aka. Caribou. I can't help but be reminded of the...individual I met out on the front drive this past Friday - right before he/she lumbered under my porch.

Any guesses?

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Anonymous said...

Buh. That vase weirds me out. But it can't ruin summertime lake visits, that's for sure.