All Strung Up

There have been some especially fine types hanging around (ha) the DIA lately - I say hello to them whenever I am in.

Like yesterday, for example. There they were, waiting for me, as cordial and jovial as always. I am trying to be strong about the fact that yes, they shall be retiring to their dressing rooms in a mere handful of weeks.

They are American Royal Mationettes, and they're from the grand old days of Vaudevillian Theatre. As for me, I am hard-pressed to choose a favourite.

I can't help but think that one, in particular, has influenced me - or my output, rather - in a very deep and subtle way.

Just look at who's flown and slithered off my needles lately:

The sense of colour, the sense of play, the wide, bright eyes - they're all there. I think it's safe to say that my Vaudevillian friends have gotten into my head. When the curtain finally falls, I shall miss them.

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Beverly said...

Love these old marionettes. Your squid reminds me that I need to finish mine.