Two, erm, THREE New Mittens

A little something to make the inevitable transition into Winter that much nicer: I've just released two new mitten patterns in as many days.

The first is Thamesis, inspired by the River Thames him/herself.Wavy, twisty and watery allusions abound - from the undulating patterns of the palm to the twisted stitch cabling on the cuff:Here we see the Seven Springs that are sometimes cited as the River's Source.

The greenish colours I've chosen for these ones add to the River-y feel of the mittens, but please don't feel limited by my choice. I would love to see these ones in hot pink and orange; turquoise and red; yellow and grey; etc.

The other ones are the Illuminine Mittens, the third of my mittens to be named after a Thurston Moore song. It happens. (For the curious, the other two are Benediction and Psychic Hearts.)

The Illuminine Mittens are the official mitten pattern of National Knit Mittens Month (NaKniMitMo) 2012, which is right around the corner - it kicks off on 1st January 2012.

Which reminds me, you haven't seen Benediction yet, either (or have you?) Here they are:They made their exclusive debut at KnitCulture's kiosk at Vogue Knitting Live this past September, but now they're up and out for everyone to enjoy.

So yes, you have a wealth of new mitten patterns to choose from! As for me, I'll be continuing to work through my pattern backlog - the socks - including a free sock pattern - are up next. Look out.

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meredith said...

love love LOVE! These are marvelous, as usual!