Spindle Socks, FO.

Yarn: my own handspun Corriedale and Merino
Needles: Clover Takumi Bamboo dpns, US 2
Pattern: my Plain Vanilla sock recipe, featuring a round heel and wedge toe
Started: early September 2006
Finished: 12 March 2007

Notes: these socks are knit completely using my own handspun. if you really want to weird people out (if knitting socks from scratch hasn't already made them question your sanity) be sure to tell them that you made the yarn yourself--that way they'll be sure they're dealing with a nut. the same goes for mentioning that you dyed the orangey-pinky bits before you spun them.

i wanted these socks to have a mismatched and homespun (literally, in this case) feel, like the knitter had to make do with the little bits and pieces of yarn that were on hand (which, actually, was also the case.) i didn't set out to specifically spin yarn for these socks, and it wasn't until the first sock was well on its way that i plied some remaining singles in unlikely combinations "just to see what happens." in the end i had more than enough yarn to play with.

Fun Fact: i had no idea what these socks were going to look like when they were finished! changing colours on a whim turned this project into a fascinating and relaxing experience.


Heather G. said...

Those are the most cheerful socks ever! I think some of that yarn was spun in my matchbox apartment in Exeter?

spillyjane said...

thanks! they are, now that you mention it...and YES some of it was spun in your apartment. some of it was also spun at Adriana's pit, the mornign after the Wilco show last summer.

we should make plans to spin together this summer, too!

J. Layne said...

Those socks are lovely and very happy looking, if a sock can look like such a thing.

I LOVE weirding people out after they ask the patronising, "Did you make that yourself?" Heee. Did I ever. I used to get a lot of blank looks at explaining that I dyed the yarn too, but nothing compared to attempting to explain that I've spun it as well.

Now I want to make spindle-socks.

Emma said...

They look adorable. I love the piecework, mismatched feel. Very fun!

Adriana said...

Great socks!! I think you did spin some of that at my place last summer while I was struggling with the Jamaican man hair :)

You must be so thrilled to have finished these. Did you end up starting any of the socks you were pondering the other day?

Bertha said...

Wow! They turned out great! Those are some of my favorite socks ever!