Sympathy for the spindle.

yet another project that i'm neglecting:

my Briar Rose featherweight spindle is half full of a merino/silk blend that was gifted to me by Adriana. how i can let such a pretty thing lay by the wayside like this i'll never know. i must pick up my spindles again soon.

and yet, strangely, i find myself with a good chunk taken out of my first Queen of Cups sock. it's funny how these things sneak up on us.


Adriana said...

Wow, that roving spins up gorgeously!

Can't wait to see the sock! (I'll be back in London tonight and I hope to have pictures to see then :) )

Heather G. said...

I want some of that roving. Mmmmm...

I think I have time to graft my socks before I have to head out today!