Xmas knitting ate my life

Yes, in the mad dash to finish my of Xmas knitting (some of which I can now actually show you,) these two new pattern releases fell by the wayside. You might have even been watching for them, wondering where they got to. Well, here they are: Trestle, and Guardian, available for purchase when you click their respective links...or grab them over in the sidebar to the right.

In case you've forgotten about them (or just don't feel like scrolling down,) I am happy to provide you with some visual aids:

One more time, Guardian...

...and Trestle.

Onto the Xmas knitting! The pattern is Ysolda's gorgeous Rose Red. This went to live with Adriana earlier this week.

Right-side up...

...and the equally-attractive underbelly.

Patons Classic Merino comes through for me once more. Also, considering that I knit the entire thing on entirely too-short dpns (circs and I tend not to play well together,) I think it came out ok.

I should also mention that there are new things in the works. When are there not new things in the works?! Recent correspodence with the aforementioned Adriana over the past couple of days has set things in motion. There will be things to see soon!


Heather G. said...

This is a good fit, as Dee pulls off a beret like no one else I know!

I am intrigued by these new things in the pipeline...!

Anonymous said...

The mittens are so cool and the hat is stunning! The recipient will be so thrilled! :)

Merry Christmas!

Adriana said...

I LOVE MY BERET!! It's even nicer in person. Jane does seriously good work. I promise to get pictures of it in action very soon now that we have a fancy new camera!

Bridget said...

I have to say your Rose Red is much prettier than that shown in the pattern. Very nice!