A finished thing

I put the finishing touches on Bertha Bag 2.0 today. Here's the front: and the back: As for the specifics, it's approximately 8" long, 5" tall and 3.5" deep. It's been hand knit from 100% wool, fulled, pieced, cut, entirely hand sewn, pleated, embroidered and finished off with a large pearly vintage button. Each of the two handles is 15" from end to end. This time, the side panels have been pleated to give the bag more shape. It really is quite a fancy little handbag with plenty of room for all your essentials (and maybe even your essentials and your pocket novel, if you get creative. Being able to carry books along is important to me.)

Best of all, it's done. The process is fun and very rewarding, but oftentimes i just get antsy to see the finished object already.

Now, should you like this one of a kind bag enough to want to make it your own you may be happy to learn that it is up for sale right over here in my Etsy shop. Act fast, as I'm starting to get attached to her a bit myself!

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Adriana said...

Cute! Now I want one :)