Fancy some Pints Socks?

This should make some of you very happy indeed: if all goes as planned today, I will be seeing the end of the Socks With Pints On sometime tonight. Here they are, so far:At this rate, the pattern should be out by the end of this week (or possibly even sooner.) Regardless, it will be in plenty of time for Socktoberfest 2010.

Keep those fingers crossed.


Siga said...

These are sooo cool! Love the pints! :)

Michele said...

Can't wait as they are on my wish list. I'll be first in line to buy the pattern - these and the flamingo socks (hint, hint)!

Grenadine Girl said...

Wow, another awesome pattern! I totally had to show it off on my blog, encouraging people to check it out (and your pattern sale).