Theirs and mine

A few of the double-handful of things I'm currently working on, in two lists -- theirs, and mine.

First off -- theirs:

tinyowlknits' Where The Wild Things Are jumper:This is going to serve double-duty as both my Hallowe'en costume and eventual Sunday Morning Snugglesweater, crown and all.

and feministy's Saroyan scarf:Finally, a scarf I can proudly wrap around myself, worked in delicious grey Noro Retro.

Next, mine:

My Clerkenwell Socks:Socks for wandering the streets of London, following the lost River Fleet. These will be the next pattern of mine to be released.

and my Pookie Socks:Yellow and grey socks -- inspired by and named for my fine avian companion.

So...what's on your needles?


French Press Knits said...

Of course, as always I'm loving that yellow and grey combo :). On the needles is a sweater design that I'm working on. I'm to the point where I reallly have to think about every stitch, and it makes me want to have another project on my needles that is totally thoughtless- but I know I have to stay focused. *sigh*

Adriana said...

Saroyan looks great! I was planning on making one for myself with the lovely orange yarn you sent me. First I've got some holiday gifty-type knitting to finish, though.
- Shawl for a friend (8 rows from completion!)
- Baby sweater
- Two stuffies for my coworker's kids
- Christmas stockings for P and I
- Then I get to work on Saroyan :)

Anonymous said...

I hand painted some burnt orange and yellow sock yarn in honor of the first cool weather (below 90 degrees) that we've had so far. I loved it so much that I had to start the socks right away. It pushed aside a lovely lavender sweater I'm supposed to be knitting for my daughter. !

Ariane said...

I'm knitting some socks Iinterlocking Leaves from Knitty) for my MIL, and a hoodie (my pattern) for my love! But with school, I'm only making slow progress...