The Day before December

Today I woke up to the lightest dusting of snow - so light, in fact, that the term "icing sugar" sprang to mind. It was quite pretty - and all the prettier since it is exactly the kind of snow that will be gone by mid-afternoon.

I took this chance to nip out to the back garden to rescue a couple of ladies-in-distress that I had been keeping an eye on for the past little while. Some thyme just had to come with, since it smelled incredible when I stepped on it to save the ladies in question.And here they are together, all happily snuggled up in their new home - one of my collection of old caper jars. I realize that I have probably violated several basic tenets of flower arranging, of which I am acutely aware. Luckily I belong to the "fill an old caper jar with water and insert the snippings" school of floral design, so I can't say that I care too much. I like my arrangements like I like my gardens and that is wild.

My lovely ladies are hardly themselves in these frigid temperatures. Heritage is normally a beautiful blush, but out in the cold she has deepened to something closer to a lipstick pink......and the usual creamy white petals of Evening Star have developed blush and greenish tones.Now the jury is still out on whether or not they will properly open, but I am hoping that the warmth of the house will help out a bit. Still, they are exceedingly pretty in their budded state and I will enjoy them regardless.


Anonymous said...

Actually I quite like your arrangement although I know nothing about flowers so maybe that is why ;) I wish ottawa got your powder snow today, instead of rain, rain, rain.

Bonnie said...

We must have gone to the same school of floral design! Gorgeous.