Fickle Fingers, FO.

Yarn: Noro Blossom 15, three skeins
Needles: Clover Takumi Bamboo straights, US 9
Pattern: Fickle Fingers (Fat Fingers Variation) by Gayle Roehm from Winter 2006 IK
Started: 20 Janaury, 2007
Finished: 1 February, 2007

Notes: i love scarves like this--simple and quick but never boring. definitely another keeper much like Edgar. it's ideal for gifting and the perfect antidote to endless rows of lace. i opted for the Fat Fingers variation since i preferred its look.

Fun Fact: this scarf is longer than i am tall! since i'm only 5'2", this isn't that remarkable--lots of things are bigger than me.


Adriana said...

That's one crazy scarf! It looks like a fun knit. Is it for you or to be gifted?

spillyjane said...

it was lots of fun to knit! this one is for me, but the next person who gets a scarf as a gift is getting one of these.

Heather G. said...

Ooo! I have never looked twice at Blossom, but your scarf might change my mind! Love the colours.

spillyjane said...

heather - Blossom is FUN. i never would've given it a second glance either had my one LYS been out of Silk Garden and Kureyon that day. this is the second scarf i've made with it. one you get past the lousy yardage you've got a gorgeous yarn to play with.