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i'm knitting Birch (again.) i say "again" not because i've already knit a complete Birch, but because my last attempt only got this far:

before something...odd happened. i got angry and frogged--successfully, too--the entire thing (all TWO reps of it.) then, looking at the bedraggled ball of Kidsilk Night (colour: Moonlight) resting on my lap i grew even more angry. stomping over to the computer (it was about midnight at this point) i promptly ordered a replacement ball of Kidsilk Night (even though i was on the verge of swearing off mohair forever.) in bed that night i was largely unsuccessful at dispelling visions of Kidsilk carnage from my mind's eye. Birch was shelved; it was a project to be undertaken after an indeterminate amount of time, if ever. this all went down about a month ago.

about a week ago a package turned up in the mail from among its contents numbered four balls of Super Kydd (colour: Mist Green) and a pair of 14" US 8 Bryspun straights. it happened much sooner than i thought it would but here i was, about to have another stab (if it came to that,) at Birch.

casting on took for-FREAKING-ever due to the sheer number of stitches (all 299 of the little darlings) but learning--and USING--the lace cast on this time made me feel really good. at present i'm sitting at the end of the first repeat, which also took for-FREAKING-ever (and will continue to do so until i get through a few more.)

there will be pictures of this new incarnation of Birch when there is more of it to see, which will hopefully be soon.


Adriana said...

Silly Jane. I hope that your next attempt works better.

The first few reps of Birch are a pain but it rapidly gets easier. Have you memorized the pattern yet?

Heather G. said...

There will be a moment when you stop and realize that you 'get' the pattern, and that you are not just trying to make it to the end of the row in one piece.

Trust me!

No, really!!

I can't wait to see Birch mark 2

(I tried to leave this comment last night, but Blogger was out to get me all around)