Gothic Leaf Stole, so far.

for the curious, here are some pictures of my Gothic Leaf Stole in progress:

a rather unimaginative shot, taken this morning in bright sunlight. just ignore that and check out how the lace pattern is shaping up. i cannot stress how much i love this yarn (Rowanspun 4 ply in Sludge--such a Nigella-esque name!) or how much i love this large-motif lace. somehow working a rectangular piece of lacy fabric is more relaxed and relaxing than an ever-growing shawl (which is never a garment to be taken too lightly.) i find my sleepy brain longing for the satisfaction of experiencing another row of neatly ordered, well-spaced holes.

here's the stole in front of the window, so that the pattern might be better visible. i know i'm not going to get a good look at the true nature of the stole until it's happily blocked, but this is a hint of things to come.


Adriana said...

Wow! That is absolutely stunning. You must be so happy with it.

Heather G. said...

Mmmmmm! Never has Sludge looked so appealing!

crafty_kat said...

very nice