six weird things, finally.

because i can't put it off any longer and because i was tagged (those darn nice people!) here's my six weird things:

1. gold leaf is one of my favourite garnishes. flower petals also rank very high on the list.

2. i love little tins and boxes to distraction. the tinier the better. i will agonize over what to put in them and eventually leave them empty because i can't find the right things to put in them.

3. lately i've been dealing with this overpowering obsession with toile. my house is not a Toile House. seeking out a toile-ful B&B is becoming a priority.

4. exactly one year ago last week i had the opportunity to sing (and dance to) "Stop! in the Name of Love" at the Motown Historical Museum in Studio A, standing where Diana Ross stood when she recorded it back in 1965. Miss Ross faces no threat from me, let me tell you.

5. i have a...thing for the scent and flavour of ginger. when i put my mind to it i can consume ginger at every meal and slather myself with ginger body products all day long.

6. i used to think that knitting patterns were confusing numbered lists of word snippets that could never ever make sense to me. this dates back to the days when cross stitch was my craft and i felt more comfortable embellishing a piece of fabric rather than creating it. it's safe to say that those days are long past.

on a totally unrelated note, here's whats been keeping me busy this week:

ten skeins of Rowanspun 4 ply in Sludge are currently being coaxed into a Gothic Leaf Stole. i've done the math and so far i've knit 4% of the finished product. we have a ways to go.


Adriana said...

I KNEW you were going to mention the ginger thing. That's still one of my favourite Jane-quotes :)

Can't wait to see the gothic stole in progress! I was playing with my Rowanspun 4 ply the other day. I need to go up a needle size or two. Apparently doubled laceweight equals worsted. Who knew!

spillyjane said...

how could i not mention the ginger thing?! :) what i didn't say is that violet and licorice are gaining on it...though i seriously dopubt that any other scent/flavourm would be able to overtake my love of ginger.

i keep meaning to take pictures of the Gothic Leaf Stole but i keep forgetting. i actually just bought another bag of the 4 ply--this time in Jade. it's Midnight you have, isn't it? am i making this up??

Adriana said...

Blogger ate my comment!

I said: I think I have Midnight. It's black with green and purple flecks. What are you going to do with the Jade?

spillyjane said...

i might do Ene's scarf with it and maybe another shawl as well? i might be able to get two projects out of that one bag.

crafty_kat said...

can't wait to see the stole...
as for the ginger can have all of it to yourself as far as I'm concerned...I hate the stuff lol