Out with a bang

And here I was thinking that 2010 had had its say and was on its way out like a lamb...how wrong I was.

Meet my youngest (and hairiest) brother:Last Monday the little dude had to be rushed to the States for emergency gall bladder surgery (just as I was, six years ago.) These things really do run in families.

The next few days were sort of tense, to say the least. Happily, he is now fine and due to return home this afternoon.

So that's what we got for Christmas -- our little dude, again. We couldn't be happier.


Kelley said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you had such a scare with your "brother". It's so hare when our little friends are sick.

Now you can settle down for a relaxing Christmas.

Your new mitten pattern is tempting but I'm still planning New Year's resolutions for the Cupcake and Hedgehog versions.

Pupe*s Fadenkreuz said...

He is a Terrier?!

We have two - Airedale Cara und Bedlington Terrier Gloria.


Anonymous said...

I lived with a miniature schnauzer when I was a kid. His name was Fred and he was awesome! So glad to hear your little bro is on the mend!! One week left of 2010, I'll keep my fingers crossed the remaining days go smoothly. :)

spillyjane said...

Kelley -- It is difficult, yes. Evertyhing kept reminding me of him, and all I could think of was the little guy cooped up in a cage. But he's restiong happily at home now.

Again, apologies about the mitten patterns. I should warn you that there are more on the way.

spillyjane said...

Pupe*s Fadenkreuz -- He is a Miniature Schnauzer. Terriers make wonderful pets.

Are you familiar with the Terrier Song?

spillyjane said...

skidzarela -- Thanks so much! Miniature Schnauzers are wonderful critters but are quite the handful, as I'm sure you know.

AmyPinSeattle said...

So glad things turned out well!!

I've got two of these buggers - S&P and a black one. They rule the roost over the rest of the crew which are JRTs.

Terri said...

So glad your schnauzer is going to be OK! I'm catching up with blog reading after the holidays. We have two Miniature Schnauzers, Harry who is 7 yrs old, and in October we got our second one, a pippy little guy named Duke who is six months old now. Harry had a terrible bout of pancreatitis last fall and we almost lost him. Our lives would have never been the same! (He's my avatar on Rav where I am rabbittaxi)

Love your blog and patterns! Glad all was well in the end!