Hello Nice People,

I'm taking a break from working on all the Things that I'm supposed to be working on (and there are more than a few,) so I can get a word in before I get distracted by something else and the New Year sneaks up on me and the mood is lost, etc., etc.

'Tis the Season for lots of lovely Things, but for me this time of year's always been about contemplation and self-reflection. Maybe that's what happens when I spend too much time indoors, I don't know. What I do know is that I'd like to thank every one of you for another wonderful year (possibly the most wonderful yet, if the truth be known,) both personally and professionally.

This year arrived replete with both challenge and opportunity, and at times it was quite the wild ride indeed. The former was overcome (thankfully) and the latter was taken (gladly) and here we are at the end (for now,) and all the wounds have healed. A couple of scars are even evident here (the absence of posts from April 2010, for instance,) but let's not worry about that too much. Onwards and upwards -- yes -- and on to bigger and brighter things in 2011. Join me, won't you?

I leave you with a snippet of wisdom gleaned from the collection of the American Folk Art Museum:
Until next time, I remain.


ps--> Expect replies to your comments more often in 2011. ~j


Anonymous said...

how lovely janey. xoxo to YOU.

Anonymous said...

I recently discovered your blog through the wonderful "needled" and how exciting to find another Canuck doing such lovely work! All the best for 2011.

spillyjane said...

Senor Bitch -- Glad you like. Pookie sends his regards. xoxo to you, too.

enfinblue -- Thank you, and nice to meet you, too. I've been a fan of needled myself for a very long time. All the best to you in 2011 as well.

mama said...

Love your blog, love your patterns, and love your reference to the Folk Art Museum. The free happy hour admission there on Friday nights is on my must-do list every time we're in NYC. Happy Christmas from an Austin fan!

Anonymous said...

You have a unique style. Your quirky patterns are wonderful--imbued with a classy personality all your own. You are truly a treasure in the knitwear design industry. Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into this blog and for all the delicious patterns you share with us! Here's to you with best wishes for a happy, healthy and prosperous new year and every year! Thanks again!!

Voolenvine said...

Stay awesome Miss SpillyJane!
Congrats on an amazing year of knittin'...

And now I totally have Joy Division stuck in my head!

spillyjane said...

Thank you all, so much. What a year.