Patience is a Virtue

Here it is, 1 December and here it is, the first snowfall. The local weather deities must have been watching their calendars.
It is quite pretty, the snow drifting down in large, fluffy flakes. What I don't much care for is the way that it's settling on my poor, empty garden.

A mere handful of months ago this plot yielded tomatoes of unrivalled deliciousness; bunches of sweet, sweet onions; the spiciest of red-hot chilies. And now all that's left is a sad clump of chives, the ever-present rambling thyme, and the strawberry plants bent on world- (or at least yard-) domination. I know that patience is a big part of gardening, but I can not wait for spring. The nice people at Veseys know this (and clearly have no shame,) which is probably why they sent me their new 2011 seed catalogue this week. Summer has never felt further away.
Still, I am enjoying the myriad delights of this time of year: staying inside with the snow falling outside accompanied by my knitting,
my new Pewabic mug in the perfect shade of William the Hippo faience-blue,
and Greg Thomey dressed as a gargoyle.


JelliDonut said...

Sounds like the perfect day!

Breean E. Miller said...

So funny - we are having our first official snowfall in Chicago today too! I just wrote a blog post about your Midori scarf pattern :)

Rebecca said...

Oh! That mug is lovely and perfect! Thanks for the link.

It's the first snow today here too, and I also am holed up indoors with knitting and hot drinks. What a life!

Adriana said...

It's snowing here too! Jenny says that it's like living inside a snowglobe :)

The scarf looks delicious. I can't believe I missed that pattern in Knitty.

Ruth said...

What a nice, quiet day (and I am seriously coveting that mug).

Tara said...

I've never been to Pewabic but seeing your new addition makes me very eager to go!

tamara said...

Thank you for the reminder...I just skipped on over to Vesey's website and ordered their catalogue...oh, my country for a juicy, ripe, delicious tomato right now!