There are so many things that I'm supposed to be doing. I keep getting distracted.

Lovely things keep turning up in the mail, such as my custom Florine Stettheimer (you remember her, yes?) Love Flight of a Pink Candy Heart Gelaskin for my iPod:(made from photos taken entirely by me, most likely in violation of many of the DIA's copyright laws -- shhh...)

...and gorgeous tufts of fluffy roving ready to be spun into something equally (but differently) beautiful.
Of course there's also always something wonderful to read,(I can not recommend this one enough.)

But fret not, as my Assistant is ever On Guard, ready to ensure that I don't stray too far from my Work.
Well, most of the time, anyway.


Voie de Vie said...

Since I love the devil's fiber (mohair), guess I need to check out the book recommendation. :)

tamara said...

Everyone should have such a rosy-cheeked and vigilant assistant!

Kate/Massachusetts said...

That bird is so cute!!! I love seeing pictures of your feathered assistant! lol