In Brussels.

A la Mort Subite is our Local. We don't even have to cross the street to get there. Down the hill, around the corner, there you are. One could do worse.The beer selection is beyond impressive. Since I no longer partake, I smile and nod and take wee sips just to taste the heady Belgian brews. They are wonderful.
The tea service here is going to ruin me for all others, I just know it. Even though I have to dip my teabag into the already-poured hot water, I am not allowed to have a cup without a cookie or a piece of chocolate or sometimes both. I'm not complaining.

We end up at Le Cirio. La Belle Epoque is even more belle than I expected.
I suspect that places like this would grow if one were to plant a bottle of Perrier. I may have to give this a try.Blind Love, his eyes bound, presides over the room. I finish my Croque Bruxelloise and my tea and head off in search of further delights.

In the light drizzle we work our way to A la Becasse. It is rustic and warm and cozy inside.
I take a seat next to a laughing family and their small, friendly dog. I order another cup of tea.
The barkeep's apron reminds me of nothing so much as monastic vestements. He serves beer in gorgeous clay jugs. I sample the lambic doux because it's Tony's favourite. It's really nice; I can't wait to tell him that I tried it.

Back out into the misty grey afternoon. I'm told that there is one place that I simply must see -- Café Métropole.
They were right. I've never seen anything like this. I'm reminded of the Fisher Building at home, but this place is just a little bit older. Oh look, another cup of tea. Another piece of the darkest chocolate.
If you tapped a vein right now I promise I'd bleed tea -- heavily sweetened tea with cream and sugar in. Mm.
Now, it could just be the sugar talking, or the caffeine, or a potent combination of the two but I am in my element. The room is bathed in a warm golden glow; it looks like something out of an Impressionist painting. I can almost see the brushstrokes.

When I'm in charge, places like these will be the baseline. For an Aesthete such as myself, this is Heaven.


Allison said...

I'm loving your posts about your travels. And the photos - which I think I saw you said you took them with the Hipstamatic app - tell a perfect story.

Rebecca said...

Everything looks so decadent and lush!

tamara said...

And, it's close to heaven for those of us unable to take it all in first hand...thanks for sharing!

Kathy said...

Well, then, I want you to be in charge immediately!!!

Voie de Vie said...

Ooooh, love that afternoon trip of beer and tea and chocolate and cookies and great places to ingest it all.

I'll take one of everything, thank you very much. :)

Anonymous said...

Those are gorgeous photos. You've captured the ambience so well, and made me so miss being there. You've had a great time! Thank you for sharing.

spillyjane said...

Thank you! Glad you're all enjoying the pictures + words.