Patience is a virtue

Up early this morning and pruning the rosemary. Now that sounds a tad euphemistic!

Seriously though, I am in the process of tending my indoor Mediterranean garden (another euphemism?) which at present consists of two trees and a bush -- a Meyer lemon, a Bay Laurel and Rosemary, respectively.

Once again I am reminded that gardening is nothing so much as it is a form of warfare and that all too soon I'll be (happily) flinging myself headlong into the fray. I am already mapping out the battlefield and deciding which companies to deploy; I can hardly wait.

Yesterday was spent in the fine city of Ann Arbor, MI, which is always closer than I think. I visited University of Michigan Museum of Art, which has quite a respectable collection indeed. The decorative items culled from the Henry O. Havemeyer House in New York City were a particular delight -- the Tiffany glass pieces are especially fine.

Of course, there is always Beauty to be found in less obvious places. One only needs to open one's eyes.

And it was with open eyes that I spied and fell in Love with this fine pair:I may have to go back and pick them up.

Knitting content will resume as soon as I have something that I can show you. Oh fine, have a wee taste:But that's it, for now. I've never been very good at patience myself so believe me when I say that I know what you're going through. Soon.


Yarndancer said...

Lovely photos! Lots of design inspiration in those images? :)

Nicole said...

Ann Arbor is a beautiful place.
I was wondering, how hard is it to keep a Bay Laurel indoors? I've heard different things about it.

Kelley said...

You must get those boots! What a perfect way to begin the gardening season.

Valerie said...

If you go back for the boots, you must make a stop at Matthaie Botanical Gardens to round out the day. Of course April will require the wearing of such boots.

spillyjane said...

Yarndancer -- Thank you! I find design inspiration in the strangest places, so yes, there is.

Nicole -- From my experience it's really not that hard. I've been fighting an ongoing battle with scale lately, but that isn't a huge problem. Just make sure he gets plenty of light (preferably souther exposure) and ensure that he doesn't get too dry, water-wise.