Domovina just doesn't quit!

Oh no, they don't. Domovina (Ravelry link) are the socks that just keep on giving, especially if you're keen on ending up with a pair of folky, cozy socks.They feature all kinds of fun details, such as the cabled cuff and colourwork leg. Handpainted yarn used as the contrast colour adds a bit of spark, though I suspect that a solid colour would be equally lovely. The leg has handy "seam" stitches down the sides to eliminate the inevitable jog at the ends of rounds. I just love how neat and tidy they look.
The foot does away with colourwork entirely and sports moss stitch "seams" and a wiggly little twist stitch cable down the middle just to keep it interesting.

Yes, these socks are a bit technique-heavy, but strangely, that actually speeds up the process. The techniques keep you engaged! Also, as a sampler, Domovina gives you the chance to try both colourwork and twist stich techniques in small, palatable doses without committing to a gigantic, complicated project.

I still can't believe that I finished this sock today. This morning it didn't even have a gusset! The pattern is going to follow shortly, which means we're even closer now to actually seeing Penelo (Ravelry link) released as well. And the new purple-and-green-thing, too.


Adriana said...

Wow, that sock is gorgeous. I couldn't picture it when you described it to me but it really came together nicely.

Bertha said...

Whoa, I can't believe how quickly you finished that! It's gorgeous!

Ann said...

It' so lovely & I do love all the different stitch patterns that you have used especially the moss st seams. Great design.