Thinking outside the bowl.

Here's the final chapter in what might be my Most-Documented Project EVER:Yes, the second Willistead (Ravelry link) mitten is done! The next time you see these handsome fellows on here it'll be announcing the publication of their pattern. For those anxiously awaiting that day, it will be soon! I've just gotta get Domovina (Ravelry link) out there first. With any luck, she'll be out tonight!

Now look what jumped out of the bowl and onto the needles this morning: Yes, it's another pair of mittens, which are looking slightly Rastafarian this early in the game. Expect this effect to be dimished somewhat as there are more colours yet to be added.

I'm off to work on Domovina. Wish me speedy charting!


Adriana said...

I love the many colours! You always come up with the coolest ideas :D

Once I'm safely moved we totally need to discuss my mitten pattern. I do have that Palette that needs using :)

Azura said...


Ann said...

Gorgeous mittens. You are so fast in your knitting & also new designs seem to be popping out all the time - I can't keep up with all your lovely patterns.

Stephanie said...

Wishing you speedy charting! You always make up such cool colorwork motifs. I can't wait to try one of your patterns someday!