Let me show you something!

I apologize if it seems my blog is turning into a great big commercial for the things I make, but here we go again. I've added some of my handspun to my Etsy shop as well as (get this,)


That's right. Socks. A for-reals fully-knit pair of socks. An instant holiday gift, for you or for someone you care about, and you won't even have to put needles to yarn to get it.

But it gets fancier, right? These are more than mere socks -- they're spindle socks. That means that I spun every ounce of yarn that went into these socks myself, on my drop spindle. I never did count how many hours that took me (and I don't want to think about it too much, really,) but I'd say that the end result is definitely worth it.

But maybe you don't want a finished pair of socks. Maybe you are in love with the colours in my spindle socks but would prefer to make a pair of your own. Should this be the case, I have something to show you:

Spindle-spun sock yarn, the very same yarn that I spun and used to make my spindle socks. 100g of it, ready to go right over here.

There's other handspun up there as well, spun from Fleece Artist slivers. Here, have an Etsy widget:

And look what the fishies are up to now:


Azura said...

I must say, I love the fishies!

Adriana said...

The fishies look fabulous!

Ann said...

The fishes look so cute & colorful.