One finished fancy mitten.

Hey, I finished the mitten! He's even been steamed and pressed so he's looking his best. Meet Willistead (Ravelry link):

This is his back:

and here's his palm:

Now I'm working on his mate, who will hopefully go up as quickly as he did.

In other news, I'm off to see Spiritualized tonight! I can hardly wait!


Brenda said...

That is a beautiful mitten. Is the pattern available somewhere besides ravelry? Haven't had the patience yet to stand in the queue.

Bertha said...

Oh, it's beautiful! It looks like lovely wraught ironwork or something! Enjoy Spiritualized, they are one of my husband's favorite bands...we saw them in Boston a few years back and it was a great show!

Adriana said...

So beautiful! I love everything about this mitten.

gayle said...

He's a beauty!
I'm smitten with mittens lately... must be winter is coming.

MaryjoO said...

so art noveau -- gorgeous!

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