Knitting Olympics, pt. 3: Gold medal, please!

Birch (Ravelled) is finished:It does, however, remain unblocked. That undertaking will go down in the next day or two.What an undertaking -- Birch is huge! I was especially thankful for that fourth ball of Kidsilk Night that I picked up just in case, way back when.

I'm so glad that I decided to partake in the Knitting Olympics this year. So where do I pick up my gold medal?


Listening: Scott Hardkiss -- Technicolor Dreamer

Is it a mild-mannered Tuesday morning or a balmy Friday night in L.A.? Let Scott Hardkiss' Technicolor Dreamer blur the line between the two in the most delicious way possible. Mr. Hardkiss' sense of humour, joy and fun pervade these songs, rendering them inescapable and utterly infectious delights.


Susan said...

Oh well done.

I've finished knitting but as they are fair isle gloves there is lots of sewing in of ends to do.

Then I will be able to claim my Gold too.

JelliDonut said...

Really beautiful. I'm pushing hard to finish. I'll be cutting it close.

Winterhart said...

It looks beautiful!

I'm what looks like a dozen rows from the end of mine. Although, writing this comment has reminded me that I need to leave enough yarn for the bind off...!

Fru-la-la! said...

It's beautiful!! Great job!

lil said...

Absulutely lovely! Or as we say in sweden : Skitsnyggt!