Knitting Olympics, pt. 1: Birch 3.0

My Knitting Olympics project, the formidable Birch (Ravelled), is progressing nicely:It's a big, floaty, sparkly, GREY confection and I love it to pieces. The pattern (even when worked in Kidsilk Night,) is strangely more dull than dangerous. I'm somewhere around the end of the...seventh (eighth?) repeat.

This is my third attempt at Birch, for various reasons. The first and second attempts are chronicled in these ancient posts from almost exactly three years ago. I think it's safe to say that I've improved a bit knitting-wise in the meantime.


Erin Wallace said...

Oh! Kidsilk Night. Yum!

Adriana said...

Looking great, Jane! Birch shouldn't be a challenge for you now :)

Carol said...

I've done Birch - it's a beautiful FO. It will be worth it in the end!