Post-birthday bliss

It was my birthday yesterday. Since Friday evening I was sung at and implored to eat cake on no less than three separate occasions. Somehow I persevered.

Seriously, though -- thank you all for the kind birthday wishes! I feel thoroughly spoiled and loved.

Through it all I was accompanied by the first of a pair of socks...

...that I am making for Thomas (aka Thomas Gandey, aka Cagedbaby.)

You might recall that I am quite fond of his work, especially his sublime release Will See You Now. If you are a fan of synthpop I can not recommend this one enough.

I'm aiming to finish these by my self-imposed deadline of socks-in-the-mail-by-Friday-morning. At the rate that I'm working, these should be finished long before. As Thomas has been waiting patiently for socks since early October he deserves no less than proper diligence on my part.

There are so many good things on the way...I'd best get moving.


subliminalrabbit said...

happy belated!

Michelle said...

Happy belated birthday! Glad you got to eat lots of cake :)

Marigold said...

Hope your birthday was an excellent one (sounds like you had much cake, which is always a good sign ;)

Scrappy Raven said...

Happy belated birthday. Love the colors in those socks.